A Journey Through

A Tapestry of Black and White Lives Woven Together
Over 200 Years at a Rural Community

Authors: Constance R. Beims and Christine P. Tolbert

This book is an unusually scholarly account of a very small community. It deals with a broad range of issues facing community members such as: the trails of early settlers, Afro-American education, the revolutionary war, arks on the Susquehanna River, emancipation, World Wars, bootlegging, canals, and railroads. It has 174 pages, several hundred references, an index, a hard cover, and roughly a hundred photographs, drawing and maps. Price $26.25.


"Wet, and exhausted, ill-clad, ill-fed, shoeless, and unpaid, many troops threatened to desert"
"I was in an explosion ... that I think killed twelve people"
" ...if it hadn't been for opossums, I'd have been dead"
" The Board of Education had one vision for us, but our teachers had a completely
different vision for us. And that's what saved a lot of us."
" The river rose out of its banks inflicting a mortal wound on the canal."
" His buggy was known as a good buggy ... When the Model T came out he got a Ford dealership."
"... Ku Klux Klan. They used to burn crosses on that road all the time."
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