Colonial People Drawing

Experience life as it was during colonial times. See people camping in the grounds surrounding the Hays House and living as people would have from 1760 to 1840. See families, back woodsmen, traders, surgeons and apothecaries, and militia men. Watch demonstrations of colonial crafts such as candle making, black smithing, spinning and weaving, bobbin lace making, basket weaving, lead ball pouring for ammunition, powderhorn making, carpentry, and black powder rifles.

Visit sutlers (traders) for reproductions of colonial goods.

5th Annual Colonial Encampment, Hays House, April 16-18, 2004 (April 16th and 17th 9am-6pm, April 18th 9am-3pm), for details click for "pdf" format or call 410-838-7691. The Hays House will be open each day for tours, food, and beverages.

To obtain more information on the Encampment complete our INFORMATION REQUEST FORM .

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